Melissa & Jennifer
Interior Designers
and Owners
  • Shop Hours
    Mon. to Sun. 11am - 5pm
  • Historic, Delaware River town
    118 County Rd. 627
    Pohatcong, NJ 08865
  • 1 mile from Riegelsville Bridge
    80 minutes west of NYC
    20 minutes south of Easton

Our Before & After reveals a new and hidden beauty of a home

Often our clients have spaces that fall short of their dreams. Our Interior Design
skills and passion allow us to re-imagine a space in ways that reflect what the client needs
according to their lifestyle. We start with architectural details
such as molding, beams, a focal point and then wrap the room with color, texture, light, luxury and things you love.

Invite us into your home and let us reveal your new space with wonderful color renderings, fabric
swatches and distinctive textures that begin to show you how beautiful and personal the finished
space will be. Chelsea Forge Interior Design delivers peace of mind, luxury and deeper enjoyment
of your home.

Before and After Gallery

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“Gorgeous, gorgeous selection of antique items.”

"I stumbled upon this shop on my way home from a camping trip. They have the most amazing
stuff, everything from decor to furniture to trunks, mirrors, everything you can imagine. This is
the best antique place I have been to and very good prices. Now I'm in big trouble because
I am going to want to come by every weekend to buy more stuff... gorgeous, gorgeous selection of
antique items I am lucky I could only fit one item in my car!" — Polly Esther
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